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hey guys.

if you haven't noticed i've been pretty silent publically as of recent.

the truth is i'm at a low. i've been feeling terrible about myself day in and day out. i won't dwell on it much as i choose to keep this account focused on my creations and my art, but it's effected my productivity a lot.

as of this year, i've contracted a heavy amount of anxiety. something i can't say i've had to deal with in my life at all up to this point. it's a bummer. i've been having second thoughts about being known and having my work seen online, which, again, is another huge bummer, since it's all i've wanted to do all my life. ever since i first sat down at a computer and a young age (probably a bit too young) i've wanted to make a career off the internet, creating things that make people smile. i'm sure i'll come back to it, start posting semi-regularly again, finish braindead 2, all that goodness, but as of now, i'm going to be overall silent in the public eye.

in more lighthearted news, i've recently turned 16 (go me) and i'm hoping this year of my life is a step up for me in comarison to my last few. i've formed a local band with some friends for fun and we have our first rehearsal very soon, which i'm hoping goes well, and i've been working on losing weight, as i've always been an overweight kid. i've lost 15 kilos since i started in mid december.

my emotions are very up and down at the moment, as they're expected to be at my age, but overall i'm trying to keep my head above water.

i hope to see you all soon when i'm in a better state of mind.

much love,



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